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About Spotset Radio Network

Established in 1996, Spotset Radio Network is a 2nd generation unwired radio network, helping to ensure that ad dollars flow to Black-owned broadcast radio.

With a unique aggregation of 100+ radio stations across America, Spotset is the largest network of Black and independently owned radio stations in the country. We boast the greatest number of Black-owned and Black formatted radio stations available to advertisers, and represent stations in large, medium and small markets all across the country.

We offer the full scope of urban-oriented formats, including Urban, Urban Adult Contemporary, Gospel, Talk, Smooth Jazz and Urban Oldies.

Spotset also has a creative division that has produced original content for clients like P&G, GM, AARP, and Toyota.

Spotset is Black-owned and a division of Trust Marketing & Communications based in Memphis, TN. Trust Marketing was established in 1991.
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"The medium is the message" has always been a prevailing tenet of Black radio. Black owned and formatted radio stations have absolutely been trusted, respected, influential voices across a landscape of America's Black communities.

How do you reach out and genuinely invite African Americans to participate or partake of your brand?

  • We’re a Black radio network of over 100 stations, reaching up to 13 Million listeners weekly.
  • On the Spotset network, advertisers are able to relevantly reach Black Consumers through RESPECTED VOICES that have super served them for generations.
  • Not bulk "spots and dots" advertising THROWING MESSAGING at the most people for the lowest cost.

Spotset has worked for some of the most recognized and respected global brands...

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Are you ready to reach your audience on America's largest network of Black and independently owned radio stations in the country?
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